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Quality Charter

From its creation in 2005, Callvin has been committed to offering you the best finished products. Every printed condom sold by us is chosen for the quality of its ultimate finish. Printing is only done on the front of the packet, the back shows the instructions for use and the legal standards.


Through its association with a big brand in condoms, Callvin® ensures a guarantee of quality in its choice of products.

PROTEX / RADIATEX : Exclusive supplier to the Callvin® brand.

Founded in France in 1937 and with more than 70 years experience with PROPHYLTEX condoms, the ultimate French condom brand, and later with PROTEX, Radiatex Laboratories have been trailblazers, offering the first polyurethane (latex-free) condoms PROTEX ORIGINAL 0.02 since 2002.

With a range where technological advances are used to improve finesse, in all its forms and textures, PROTEX proclaims its uniqueness in a market that aspires to constant change.

Now a subsidiary of the SAGAMI Rubber Industries Group, one of the largest Japanese condom manufacturers, Protex benefits from the recognized technology and quality of the SAGAMI Group’s products, which are sold in more than 80 countries around the world. Protex conforms to the ISO 4074 standard, which sets out requirements and testing methods for male condoms made from natural rubber latex.

The SAGAMI Group is also at the cutting-edge of medical technology, supplying the hospital sector worldwide with probe protectors. PROTEX probe protectors, with their quality and robustness, ensure perfectly hygienic and aseptic conditions for radiology and ultrasound equipment.

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CE & FDA certifications CE & FDA certifications
CE & FDA certifications Quality assurance: Conforms to norm NF EN ISO 4074 & FDA
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